Add a truly static page in Ghost using the casper theme.

I love using Ghost as a Blog platform and since the lastest release you can use a static page which is a very usefull feature. I have in mind using it for my portfolio, but after trying to understand how it works I realized that is not what I want. Being stuck with the built-in text editor and the post.hbs template wasn´t my idea.

After some thinking and some luck (I know nothing about hbs) I have found a way to display a static page with the possibility of using your own structure and sharing default.hbs:

  • Into the root directory of the casper theme create a page.hbs file with this code {{!< default}} plus all your content.

  • Create a static page within the built-in text editor with a title and nothing written on the content field.

  • Add a link whenever you want to display your static page <a href="/url_post_static_page">Portfolio</a>

That is all, a fully customizable static page.

By the way my first post in english, sorry for any grammar mistakes!! 0_o

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